A.M.I. Fivefold Ministry School Degree Programs

Here in the AMI Fivefold Ministry School, our mandate is to give you the tools you need not just to discover your calling, but also to help you carry it out.

We know that your heart burns for the Kingdom of God, and that the reason you are here is to receive the training you need. With training and equipping you as our mission, we have designed our degree programs to thoroughly teach and train you for whichever branch of the Fivefold Ministry you are called to.

In the Fivefold Ministry School, if you apply yourself to your studies, the sky is indeed the limit. Because this School was founded under the leading of Apostolic Movement International (A.M.I.), this means you not only have the opportunity to earn a cutting edge degree and learn from Lecturers who are at the top of their field, but you can qualify for Ministerial Credentials, and even as the Lord leads, to carry out your ministry under the covering of A.M.I.


How to Qualify for Credentials

In order to request Ministerial Credentials we require at least a Bachelors Degree. Furthermore, all Ministry credentials are probationary - to be renewed yearly - unless you have earned a Masters Degree and have been ordained by the laying on hands from the AMI Apostolic Team.

Such appointments to any office are done exclusively by the leading of the Holy Spirit, and no amount of study can substitute the real training that God himself will take you through.

However, through first hand experience, we have found that the students who have the determination to really learn all they can from their courses, will usually at least be ready for active ministry training by the time they time they have earned a Masters Degree.


How to Earn Your Degree

Our course system (see below) is based on Major and Minor concentration of subjects.

In order to earn any degree, whether an Associate, Bachelors, or Masters, you must have successfully completed all of the corresponding combination of Major/Minor subject categories. No credits will be appended to your Student Record without a passing mark for each course in a Minor or Major.

To earn an Associate Degree you will need to complete the relevant courses for a given Minor. For example the Associate Degree in Counseling requires successful completion of the three courses that make up the Minor in Counseling.

For a Bachelors degree it is much the same, except you must complete the requisite Major which is comprised of one or more related Minor subjects.

For a Masters Degree, you need to already have earned at least one Bachelors Degree and complete the selected Minor subjects for the Masters Degree.

When you have completed the necessary coursework, you can simply go to the AMI Registrar and pay for the printing and shipping of your degree.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not accept prior degrees from other colleges. Due to the unique nature of our training, and the custom source material that we use for our teaching, we feel that there can be no credits issued for prior educational or ministry experience.


Associate Degree Programs

Bachelor Degree Programs

Masters Degree Programs

Associate Degree Programs

Minor in Apostolic Ministry

Minor in Apostolic Office

Minor in Prophetic Ministry

Minor in Prophetic Office

Minor in Teaching Ministry

Minor in Teaching Office

Minor in Pastoral Ministry

Minor in Pastoral Office

Minor in Evangelistic Ministry

Minor in Intercession

Minor in Counseling

Minor in Spiritual Gifts

Minor in Spiritual Warfare

Minor in Fivefold Ministry

Minor in Practical Ministry Studies

Minor in Advanced Ministry


Bachelor Degree Programs

Major in Apostolic Ministry

Major in Prophetic Ministry

Major in Teaching Ministry

Major in Pastoral Ministry

Major in Evangelistic Ministry

Major in Fivefold Ministry

Masters Degree Programs

Master of Apostolic Ministry

Master of Prophetic Ministry

Master of Teaching Ministry

Master of Pastoral Ministry

Master of Fivefold Ministry